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  2. Some things are in the work for this upcoming Fanime…

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    Markiplier Animated | MEET THE MEDIPLIER

    Can we please talk about how perfect incharacter that is

    Medic was huffing the medigun again wasn’t he?

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  4. Anonymous asked: harbleu's ancestor angered a witch and the witch cursed him to never win ugc hl ever. also is twitch chat always this toxic

    Poor Harb, at least he has Invite status.  

    And it depends on which Twitch chat you’re reading… for bigger events it can get pretty bad, but for smaller streamers [ex: Sigafoo, Stabby, VVaze, Raysfire, etc] they’re not bad.  I particularily like the crowd that hangs in Sigafoo’s stream, everyone says hi when someone comes in and says goodnight when they leave and they’re really fun.

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  6. I can’t wait to break out this bind again.

    I can’t wait to break out this bind again.

  7. Anonymous asked: stabby stabby

    What about him?

  8. Anonymous asked: what the actual fuck happened with vhalin? i thought he just couldn't make the semifinals, but then casters and commentators were saying that he quit? quit the team? quit hl? quit tf2? quit gaming? feel free to No Comment this if there's some kind of drama involved, but since you apparently watch/talk to max, do you know what happened to him?

    I really don’t know what happened to him.  I’m probably not going to ask because really, it’s not my business what’s happening within his team.  If Gentleman’s Club wants to make is known, they will.  All I know is Max has taken over as leader for GC for the time being, and Vhalin did show up in the Twitch chat one night when Max streamed.  He asked how the semifinals match was, not much else.

  9. Anonymous asked: The fact that the first TvR match (West) is the most viewed on extine's past broadcasts twitch page (sitting pretty at 5,000+) makes me quite proud

    Yes, I’m still amazed at how many views it got when it was broadcasted live.  Much more than I expected, to be honest.

    The event itself has gained a bit of popularity as well.

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    what the actual fuck just happened

    ✿ tVr Jasbutts ✿: What in the actual fuck just happened
    Max!: we rolled them into dust