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    Markiplier Animated | MEET THE MEDIPLIER

    Can we please talk about how perfect incharacter that is

    Medic was huffing the medigun again wasn’t he?

  2. Anonymous asked: harbleu's ancestor angered a witch and the witch cursed him to never win ugc hl ever. also is twitch chat always this toxic

    Poor Harb, at least he has Invite status.  

    And it depends on which Twitch chat you’re reading… for bigger events it can get pretty bad, but for smaller streamers [ex: Sigafoo, Stabby, VVaze, Raysfire, etc] they’re not bad.  I particularily like the crowd that hangs in Sigafoo’s stream, everyone says hi when someone comes in and says goodnight when they leave and they’re really fun.

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  4. I can’t wait to break out this bind again.

    I can’t wait to break out this bind again.

  5. Anonymous asked: stabby stabby

    What about him?

  6. Anonymous asked: what the actual fuck happened with vhalin? i thought he just couldn't make the semifinals, but then casters and commentators were saying that he quit? quit the team? quit hl? quit tf2? quit gaming? feel free to No Comment this if there's some kind of drama involved, but since you apparently watch/talk to max, do you know what happened to him?

    I really don’t know what happened to him.  I’m probably not going to ask because really, it’s not my business what’s happening within his team.  If Gentleman’s Club wants to make is known, they will.  All I know is Max has taken over as leader for GC for the time being, and Vhalin did show up in the Twitch chat one night when Max streamed.  He asked how the semifinals match was, not much else.

  7. Anonymous asked: The fact that the first TvR match (West) is the most viewed on extine's past broadcasts twitch page (sitting pretty at 5,000+) makes me quite proud

    Yes, I’m still amazed at how many views it got when it was broadcasted live.  Much more than I expected, to be honest.

    The event itself has gained a bit of popularity as well.

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    what the actual fuck just happened

    ✿ tVr Jasbutts ✿: What in the actual fuck just happened
    Max!: we rolled them into dust


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    xxsoundspeedxx asked: hello yes i would like to play competitive gun shoot man but everyone on tf2lobby called me mean names and made me cry so how do i do good at video games???




    At least have one friend/teammate with you on the same team if you aren’t confident by yourself. I recommend having them part of your combo if you are Big Gun Shoot Man/Medicinal Dental Expert/Demonstrations Explosive Man Without Rocket/Fire Freak. Stack with a friend on Medic, stack with a friend as your pocket if you are the Medic. If you don’t need no heals or are healing people, join up with a friend anyway if you can.

    They can tell you what you might have done wrong afterwards so as long as you have a SourceTV or a P-REC if they’re not part of the combo. Just get somebody with you especially if you’re more sensitive than a dude’s balls or you aren’t comfortable by yourself in a lobby/center, because let’s face it, some of us don’t have the time to grow thicker skin when we walk into a pub just wanting to have a good game, and there’s five Heavies backin’ their ass against a wall with 2 Engies on the last point to cap and 5 Spies on your team all trying to practice the same Stabbystabby/Slurgi hitbox bullshit but are failing miserably. 

    never do TF2Center by myself anymore because I am very aware having a voice that can pass off as a 13-year-old, the worst positioning in the game, and the most intentionally shitty calls when I don’t give a fuck because 1) trying really hard on TF2Center when the Pyro isn’t watching your back and Spy wants your booty is pointless and 2) people who sound like kids aren’t allowed to use a microphone on the internet. (I also can’t ever verify TF2Center’s Mumble for whatever reason so I never really do centers because I put my team at a huge disadvantage not being able to comm as the Med.) I’m usually with at least one teammate/friend (which is more often than not, Randum since I have faith in his DM) when I lobby up. 

    Stacking logic also works with games like DOTA, LoL, 2v2 SCII, CoD, Starbound on an open server, anything that has multiplayer vs. multiplayer. Two heads are better than one; even if you both ain’t got skill to show, chances are if you enjoy each other’s presence, that’s all you need because there’s a 90% chance you won’t enjoy the rest of your lobby team’s presence.

    Also for being good, just practice practice practice. Adapt good habits, drop pubbing bad habits. Learn, look around, study, implement. Surf, jump, MGE, aim. Toss the sandvich when the Medic asks for it. Shoot the Spy when you see him near your teammate. Puff your Medic every 5-10 seconds with fire or an airblast. Bomb the Medic even if it means your life if your Medic goes down. Use milk if you can’t use the pistol well. Stab all the backs and sap all the shit. 

    This is phenomenal advice and you are a phenomenal person, now I am ready to tackle the world of competitive gun shoot man

    slodier (exploder w/ rocket) would be proud

    To add onto this:

    Lobbies have a mix of skill levels, it’s not the best substitute for competitive.  It is nice to use as a stepping stone, but keep in mind that it’s not the most balanced thing and you may not develop the best habits.  For people being mean… do take into consideration if someone is giving a bit of constructive criticism and ignore outright haters [local mute in Mumble is a wonderful thing].  It’s not like you’re rostered on a team or in pug.nahl where people are counting on you to deliver to win.  I second joining up with a friend if you’re a bit shy, it’s nice to have someone you know.

    My experience with Tf2center in general was going in alone, when the beta was first released.  I sucked and I still suck but I met people there and my friendslist grew.  My skin got hardened [but not cocky… there’s a difference] and I took whatever feedback I got and tried to shed bad habits.  Now we stack teams like nobody’s business and rock and roll and have a ton of fun.  So don’t be afraid to use it to meet cool folks!

    Some tips to add on to Uber’s list:  Use lobby to practice things.  Use it to play smarter, to get used to 9v9 or 6v6 restrictions, try rollouts, experiment with weapons, practice calls, map locations.  Learn where and when Spies go for stabs, where Snipers usually stand, sentry locations, sneaky flanks, places to rocket jump to.  Ask people for tips, don’t be afraid to do so, I’m sure a lot of people would not mind.

    If you ever want to go do a lobby together I’m always up for it.  My steam is in my info section of my blog.

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    In which I talk at a camera about some stuff

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already.  I’m extremely happy that we’ve been able to follow you through your journey and that you’ve had these opportunities.  Keep being the awesome person you are.

    We’re proud of you dude.